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Free Mortgage Calculator With Property Taxes

Many people don't take in to consideration taxes when they buy a home. This can be a ver large factor for many people. Most mortgage calculators out there fosus only on how much you will be paying on the mortgage to the bank and how much you can afford on your salary without taking into consideration your taxes(ie local property tax). You might wonder how much of a difference this may make, if any at all. Consider how much of a difference a percentage increase in your mortgage interest would make. While most taxes wont be that high, it is both based on the value of your proerty and it is something you will pay as long as you own your property.

How do Taxes Effect People?

It's clear from studies that property taxes plays a very important role in where people buy their homes. Much like businesses today, people like to live in areas where there aren't overwhelming taxes. Tax on your property can also be a good indicator of other taxes and how that specific area handles it's budget. It could be an indicator of a government that likes to spend or one that solves problems in a way that you may not like. It can also be an indicator of the types of services you will receive. Many places in the United States use property taxes to fund school.

How to Calculate Your Taxes

To calculate the amount of taxes you, the average tax payer, owe each year is by taking the percentage for the tax, divide that by 100 and then multiply by your property value.

There are three types of property: Land, Improvements to Land (immovable manmade objects), and Personal (movable manmade objects). Tax officials requires and/or performs an appraisal of the value of the property. There are generally two forms of property tax that can be imposed. One (ad valorem tax) relies upon the fair market value of the property, and the other (special assessment) relies on a special enhancement called a "benefit" for its numbers.

Carbon Taxes

Many people are beginning to wonder, as more and more legislation is proposed to tax carbon dioxide, what the effect of these Carbon Taxes will effect your living costs. Truth be told no one really knows. There are many different taxes being proposed. Taxes on how much electricity you use, taxes or costs to bring your home up to standard and each case, so far, varies from state to state. California being one of the most aggressive states in the war on CO2. There is will probably be some incentives, as well, to get your house to be more energy efficient, but overall it will cost more to the home owner. Some people, however, will not have to worry about one form of carbon related fines goes through, and that would be the legislation that says, in effect, that you can't sell your house until it is up to standard. Keep in mind that things will change as time goes on and no one really knows, as of now, what bills will go through and what amendments will be added.

Life Long Taxes

As stated before these taxes will be payed as long as you own the property. The rates will, of course, change over time, so estimating the total amount of taxes you will pay will be pretty difficult. If you factor in inflation and figure out how fast your local government reacts to inflation and how they react to it you may be able to get an idea of what you will be paying. You can get an idea of what future taxes will be by looking into the history of the town and compare it with other areas nearby or around the United States.

If you are wondering whether or not to let this effect if you buy your mortgage, that is up to you. Don't forget about all the expenses you have when you buy your home. Banks may not have your best interest in mind. For the most part the US government does not like people to have people paying out more than approximately 35% of what they make. How banks feel is another thing. They like to know they have a safe investment but how much they think you can afford is unknown. Make sure you plan for the future. As we have seen in recent years, many things can go wrong with your mortgage. There can be unforseen expenses, rising debt, loss of income etc.

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