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Here is yet another calculator. This one is still free and still uses javascript and all you have to do to put it on your site is copy and paste the code. If you want to just use it here you may, if you decide to to put this calculator on your site please include a link back to this site. You may not take credit for this calculator in any way, you may not sell it and you may not put it on other sites so that other people may use it. This calculator can be used on your website to help people calculate how much they will be paying over the life time of their mortgage and their property all together so that there are no surprises. There are other calculators as well. There is one for rented property, added payments and one that cuts all of the extras out.

How to put the Calculator Code on your Website

Just copy and paste the code below.
To put it on your site paste the code(above) anywhere in the body of your site(between the body tags).

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