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Free Mortgage Calculator Extra Payment

Below you'll find a free mortgage calculator that you may copy and paste as is. This calculator allows you to add payments. You may test it out and add it to your website. It is free! Please be sure to link back to this site and make sure the anchor text makes sense to help people find what they need. There are more calculators coming soon. Please do not sell this calculator as your own. Please give credit where credit is due. Soon there will also be a suggestion box for the javascript calculators so you can suggest they kind of calculator you would like me to make and put out for free!

How to put the Calculator Code on your Website

Just copy and paste the code below.
To put it on your site paste the code(above) anywhere in the body of your site(between the body tags). Make sure you name the link properly by using anchor text related to the home page. It's a little more accurate than "click here" links. Thanks! Come back soon!

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