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Free Mortgage Calculator Code

Below you'll find a free mortgage calculator that you may copy and paste as is. You may adjust the calculator to suit your needs. Though I can't guarantee that it's 100% accurate in all circumstances I'm pretty sure it is. You may distribute the calculator as you wish but you must link back to this site so I can get some credit. Feel free to make money off the calculator. Free money is just as usable as any. The code is pretty simple and easy to understand. I wont be here to help you figure out the code, I'm afraid you have to do that however I will try to add on to this page to make is as useful as possible.

How to put the Calculator Code on your Website

Just copy and paste the code below.
To put it on your site paste the code(above) anywhere in the body of your site(between the body tags). There are more calculators on the ways. I will also be putting up a suggestions box for you to suggest different versions of the free javascript calculator. I hope to have this done before the end of the summer of 2010. For the time being, I hope you enjoy the calculator as it is now and I hope it serves you well. Please be sure to link back here. I'd really appreciate it. I'd prefer a link to the home page in return for the code. Make sure you name the link properly by using anchor text related to the home page. It's a little more accurate than "click here" links. Thanks!

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